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IMEX America 2016 here I come. IMEX is all about relationships and whether you’re a hotel or CVB looking for more group business or you’re a meeting planner looking an honest hotel consultant that can help you source your leads and negotiate your hotel contracts, I’M HERE TO HELP so let’s meet during IMEX in Vegas! #MeetMark This year I’m making things even more exciting with my #MeetMark promotion. If you’re a hotel or CVB looking for new leads or a meeting...

COMMUNICATION IS KEY…you must be a good communicator which includes not only a good RSVP tool but being proactive with a pre-event communication follow up. KNOW WHO’S NOT SHOWING UP…you can’t fix it if you don’t know about it so make sure to track your no-shows and which groups or segments they belong to. SET UP A STANDBY LIST…airlines and hotels have mastered the no-show percentage so never turn away people wanting to attend your event, put them on a standby list...

MAKE SURE TO DISTRIBUTE FREE WI-FI INFO…Include wi-fi name and password. Save money by getting the wi-fi sponsored and promote the sponsor’s name on wi-fi signage and in announcements. CREATE A UNIQUE HASHTAG…Before you promote it, search a Twitter hashtag directory to check whether anyone has used this hashtag or whether it’s closely associated with someone’s Twitter handle. PUBLICIZE YOUR HASHTAG…Encourage your participants to promote it on relevant social media forums including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and their blogs. PROVIDE SEPARATE TABLES FOR...

I book over 100 meetings and groups per year for my HPN Global clients into hotels and resorts all over the World. I’ve traveled around the World and I’ve been in the hotel business my entire life. Below are some great hotels and resorts that I would recommend you let me search for your next group or conference. JW Marriott Austin – This hotel just opened up earlier this year with over 1,000 guestrooms and over 120,000 square feet of meeting...

// How to Attract and Retain Younger Members Having trouble attracting younger members or keeping the ones you already have on board? Here are some tips on how you should be using your social media pages and what offers you should be considering to retain younger members. Offer discounts to existing members to bring in junior employees in order to grow you need to reach out to your existing base. Offer a trial period for young professionals. Millennials are most likely in a time where...

// How To Lower Your Audio and Visual Costs Do your audio and visual costs seem too expensive? Consider these suggestions when planning your next event. IDENTIFY MATCHING SETS Put sessions or breakouts that require the same type of seating in the same rooms so you don't have to pay for reset costs.  LESS SIGNAGE Prepare meeting room signs listing all meetings in the room throughout the conference to cut down on the number of signs needed. TEAR DOWN THOSE COSTS Often Audio Visual (A/V) companies will...

// To be honest, I don't get asked "Why use HPN Global?" a lot, and here's why: ELIMINATE 10-20 EMAILS/PHONE CALLS…because we send out your RFP confidentially to the hotels without your name, phone number and email address, you won’t have to worry about countless phone calls and emails from hotel sales managers. Once you choose a suitable hotel from our easy to read HPN Availability Report, you and your staff will work with only one hotel to schedule your conference. WE'RE...