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Presented by A Meeting Planner's Best Friend Join Mark and his guest Lynn Edwards, Owner, Proper Planning, to discuss tools meeting planners must have in their toolbox for this new world we are living. We will share what we are hearing from our hospitality partners and take questions from the live audience. Live Event this Friday, June 19th at 12pm EST. MARK DALLMANHPN GlobalRegional VP Sales13825 N. Northsight Blvd, Suite 201Scottsdale, AZ 85260Cell: 612-432-1397Email: JOIN ME EVERY FRIDAY FOR MY FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT... Shawna Suckow is our guest this week on my Facebook Live Event Friday May 22 at 9am PST/12pm EST.Shawna is a global speaker on shifts in consumer behavior & post pandemic marketing and selling. She has been obsessed with how consumer behavior is shifting during this crisis.Shawna will share some case studies on what's working and not working in the world of virtual sessions.Contact me at for any questions! ...

Join A Meeting Planner's Best Friend for this informative weekly LIVE event. "Moving Forward!" Coronavirus Hotel Contract Q&A & Honest Consultation.HPN GlobalRegional VP Sales13825 N. Northsight Blvd, Suite 201Scottsdale, AZ 85260Cell: 612-432-1397Email:<> JOIN ME EVERY FRIDAY FOR MY FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT AND Q&A AS WE DISCUSS HOW THIS VIRUS IS CHANGING HOTEL CONTRACTS AND EVENTS WORLDWIDE. **CORONAVIRUS AFFECTED HOTEL CONTRACTS** If you're worried about cancelling, moving dates or rebooking your event, I'M HERE TO HELP!  No cost to you, just FAST,...

MUST HAVE WI-FI…Not having wi-fi hinders tweeting since attendees must use their smartphones, tablets or other options. MAKE SURE TO DISTRIBUTE FREE WI-FI INFO…Include wi-fi name and password. Save money by getting the wi-fi sponsored and promote the sponsor’s name on wi-fi signage and in announcements. CREATE A UNIQUE HASHTAG…Before you promote it, search a Twitter hashtag directory to check whether anyone has used this hashtag or whether it’s closely associated with someone’s Twitter handle. PUBLICIZE YOUR HASHTAG…Encourage your participants to promote it on relevant...

For August, My Hotel Partner of the Month is Lenne Goslin with the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point. Lenne conducted one of the best site visits I have ever been on by personalizing the site visit not only for my client but also involving the hotel staff’s children as they created pieces of art based on my client’s product and logo, it was amazing!  She went above and beyond during negotiations and was kind and fair.   Thank you, Lenne for standing above the...

Here are some of the upcoming conferences that I'll be attending the rest of this year. Feel free to contact me if you are attending any of these and would like to connect. HPN Global Partner Conference - Seatle - October 3rd - 6th The HPN Global Partner Conference is the relationship-building event of the year that connects HPN associates with hotel partners with the main goal of relationship building. IBTM 2019 - Barcelona - November 18th - 21st The IBTM World...

I just wanted to say "thank you" to everybody who participated in my Rolling Stones Concert "Suite" Client Event earlier this month. I hope everybody had a fabulous time!  I would also like to thank Brad Mettler, the Gaylord National Hotel and Travel Portland for their sponsorships. [embed][/embed] Thank you again to everyone for making this another "Epic" Dirty Little Secret client event! Be sure to send me your RFP's to be eligible to attend my next event!...

Hotels are going after attrition at the cut-off date and are also pushing more and more for daily attrition. Remember to include attrition clauses into your contracts that cover the following areas: Do not forget to ask to apply penalties to future business. Ask for a clause that states that if the hotel represents itself as sold out anytime during your program, then there will be no attrition for the group. Include contract terms allowing the meeting planner to replace...