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MUST HAVE WI-FI…Not having wi-fi hinders tweeting since attendees must use their smartphones, tablets or other options. MAKE SURE TO DISTRIBUTE FREE WI-FI INFO…Include wi-fi name and password. Save money by getting the wi-fi sponsored and promote the sponsor’s name on wi-fi signage and in announcements. CREATE A UNIQUE HASHTAG…Before you promote it, search a Twitter hashtag directory to check whether anyone has used this hashtag or whether it’s closely associated with someone’s Twitter handle. PUBLICIZE YOUR HASHTAG…Encourage your participants to promote it on relevant...

WHY YOU SHOULD USE A CRUISE SHIP TO HELP CREATE EXCITING AND MEMORABLE EVENTS AT SEA UNIQUE MEETING VENUES…Get away from the standard hotel ballroom and breakout rooms and enjoy huge theater space, indoor/outdoor meeting venues that can be set classroom, conference style, whatever your pleasure.  Cruise ships have turned into great meeting venues at sea. STAY CONNECTED…New satellite technology and increased bandwidth are making wifi access faster and more reliable. FEEL THE BREEZE...

WASTE NOT WANT NOT…over 1 BILLION tons of food is wasted every year so planners are now looking for hotels that aren’t putting out large buffets or having large amounts of food waste.  Consider using hotels or convention centers that give their food leftovers to local shelters or compost unused food. KEEP THEM SECURE…keeping meeting attendees safe has become more of the meeting planner's responsibility whether it is an active shooter, hurricanes, medical emergencies or food allergies.  Make sure you have...

Follow these tips and you'll be sure to save some money on food and beverage at your next event!   CONTRACT IT Negotiate a food and beverage discount with the hotel during contract negotiations SPONSORSHIP Companies are looking for new ways to market their products to your attendees so give them a chance (while saving yourself money) and let them sponsor your food and beverage events LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Put reception food tables against the wall rather than in the center of a room because...

MAKE IT A “MUST-ATTEND” EVENT Tell people why they need to be there and have attendee advocates on your marketing materials to state why they attend your meeting.  Help them, help you! CONTENT IS “KING” You should know what the “Hot Topics” are in your industry but providing great content comes from great feedback so 6-9 months out you should send out an email asking for ideas or suggestions for topics.  This will give you a great starting point on what needs should...

Follow these tips when planning your next event to ensure the highest quality safety and security for your attendees PROVIDE YOUR ATTENDEES WITH 24-HOUR EMERGENCY GROUP AND HOTEL/VENUE CONTACT INFORMATION Make sure that your attendees are informed with all the proper phone numbers and contact information if any emergencies do arise. DEVELOP EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLANS WITH YOUR ONSITE STAFF FOR A VARIETY OF SPECIFIC POSSIBLE SECURITY SCENARIOS Don’t assume that the hotel or city will take care of you in an emergency. ...

It was great talking to a “tribe” of 40 meeting planners in Washington D.C. about how to negotiate fair hotel contracts. It was a day full of great conversations about something that I LOVE doing! Relationships Matter. I'll Be posting clips from my ASAE speaking event in episodes and for my Tip Of the Month, I'll be featuring Episode 1: Lowest Group Rates [embed][/embed] Stay on the lookout for more episodes coming soon, and be sure to contact me. I'm Here To Help!...

  I’M FAST Why wait 2-3 weeks to get hotel and city availability back from multiple CVB’s or hotel reps when I can get it for you in 2-3 days? HPN Global gathers hotel availability faster and more efficiently than anyone in the business! ELIMINATE UNWANTED EMAILS & PHONE CALLS I send out your RFP confidentially to the hotels without your name, phone number and email address so imagine how many emails, voicemails you can eliminate! Once you choose a suitable hotel from our...