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DON’T OVERTHINK YOUR F&B – Put yourself in your attendee’s shoes.  Keep the food “manageable” but respectable.  Carving stations mean more labor costs.  Open bars can be a flood gate of expenses.  Stay focused on what you want your event to accomplish. NEGOTIATE ALL OF YOUR COSTS UP FRONT – Make sure that all of your f&b, labor, AV, entertainment and rental costs are all negotiated up front.  You don’t ANY surprises when you see the bill. WORK WITH THE EXECUTIVE CHEF...

REBOOK CLA-- USE     In the unlikely event that Group must cancel this event, or incurs any attrition charges, Hotel agrees to allow Group to utilize 100% of any fees paid as a one-time credit towards a future program to be held within 12 months of original meeting dates.  Outside of 12 months, Hotel agrees to allow Group to utilize 50% of any fees paid as a one-time credit.     The Rebook Clause is a clause that 20 years ago was...

PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY LIKE… If you’re nice to people, treat them fairly and show them the value of working with you, they will take care of you. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT’S WHO YOU KNOW…The relationships that you develop within hotels, with National Sales Managers or with CVB reps are VITAL in our industry. When something goes sideways or you need a favor, it’s nice to know who to call and who will take care of you. IT MAKES NEGOTIATING EASIER…When...

1. THEY’RE EQUAL FEES…Food & Beverage (F&B) minimums and Meeting Room Rental are equal fees and you should not have both in your hotel contract. A hotel has a minimum revenue amount that they expect to get out of their breakout rooms/ballrooms on a certain day/time. As long as you fulfill that with either meeting room rental or an F&B minimum, you are fulfilling the hotel’s revenue needs for that meeting room. 2. DON’T OVERPAY… Make sure that if you fall short of your F&B minimum that you don’t...

KEEP THEM CLOSE: Shuttle costs are high so schedule special events as close to the bulk of the guest rooms as possible or seek convention facilities or hotels with as many rooms within walking distance as possible. -- USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Educate attendees on all public transportation options available in a city, particularly if there’s a stop right at the convention center or the hotel. Often, it’s quicker than taking a shuttle through downtown and cheaper for attendees than a cab or Uber. DISTRIBUTE...

Part of a meeting planner's job is to ensure attendees have a place to stay. Here's how to get the lowest rate on group room rates. SWAP REVENUE…Having historical information on your total spend in food and beverage can help you swap a higher food and beverage minimum with a lower group room rate. SHORT LIST…Once you have a final list of hotels and availability, make sure to short list at least two to three hotels and ask those hotels...