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AUDIT YOUR FOOD USAGE AND WASTE…In order to start reducing your food waste you need to know what your group has used and what is wasted.

TALK TO CATERING CONTACTS/EXECUTIVE CHEF…This is a Team effort so working with your catering department and/or Executive Chef at your venue is vital!  Ask them how they manage their wasted food for other groups or events.

DITCH THE BUFFETS… Buffets are the biggest food waste based on the amount of food needed but if buffets are necessary, use smaller plates to help reduce waste.

STAY IN YOUR LANE… Consult with your chefs and see where you can bulk order with other group orders and/or make sure to order off of predesigned menus as custom menus produce more waste.

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS… your guarantee numbers are another vital part of reducing food waste so know your attendee numbers and know your no-show rate.

AM I LIABLE IF PEOPLE GET SICK FROM MY DONATED FOOD?…The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act was passed to protect food donors from liability except in cases of gross negligence.

WHAT ORGANIZATIONS CAN ASSIST?…, are two you start with.

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