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Home / Blog  / Why Use HPN Global to Send Your Hotel RFPs? Why NOT?

    To be honest, I don’t get asked “Why use HPN Global?” a lot, and here’s why:

  1. ELIMINATE 10-20 EMAILS/PHONE CALLSbecause we send out your RFP confidentially to the hotels without your name, phone number and email address, you won’t have to worry about countless phone calls and emails from hotel sales managers. Once you choose a suitable hotel from our easy to read HPN Availability Report, you and your staff will work with only one hotel to schedule your conference.
  2. WE’RE FASTwhy wait several days to get hotel availability back from multiple hotel representatives? We gather hotel availability faster and more efficiently than anyone! Once you email me your meeting specs, I will follow up immediately with hotels to execute your HPN Availability Report within 48 hours.
  3. YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS…I know that relationships with National Sales Representatives, CVBs and hotel sales managers are important, and you don’t want to jeopardize that. I agree wholeheartedly because relationships drive the hospitality business, which is why I will communicate your lead to everyone you would like me to when it is sent out.
  4. NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN WITH US, NO COST TO YOU…there are no contracts or agreements for you to sign with HPN, and absolutely no cost to you and your company. I will search hotels in any market or multiple cities in any area of the world, and will return the hotel availability to you in 1-3 days! My assistance is in good faith and you can discontinue at any point.
  5. OUR BUYING POWER ENSURES THE VERY BEST RATES…HPN Global places over 6,000 meetings annually. Our preferred partnerships with all major chains and independent brands coupled with our volume bookings allow us to leverage the very best in rate and concessions. I will review every hotel contract to make sure that you are getting the best overall package possible and ensure that your contractual liability is limited.
  6. PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION…I have over 20 years of hotel experience, and I am here to help you save time, money and execute the most successful event possible! I can provide personal recommendation and consultation as it relates to the negotiation and value added opportunities in your contract.
  7. WE’RE A ONE-STOP SHOPin addition to hotel site selection and contract negotiation, our Operation Team offers full meeting management services such as transportation, registration and on-site management if needed.

I’m a relationship driven HPN Global Regional VP Sales. I provide meeting planners, hotel/city availability reports, assist with hotel contracts, and give honest hotel consultation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or at 612-432-1397.