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Hello to all the remarkable meeting planners out there! This is Mark Dallman, A Meeting Planner’s Best Friend, and I am excited to share the details of our latest event, DC’s Dirty Little Secret.

Having worked in the hotel business for over 30 years, I’ve realized that the core of successful meeting planning is rooted in one key element: relationships. As I always say, Relationships Matter! This mantra guided the conception of DC’s Dirty Little Secret, a series of events aimed at celebrating and nurturing the relationships that fuel our industry.

Just recently, we returned to the heart of our nation’s capital for the latest installment of our series. It was a gathering that reinforced the importance of connections, friendships, and partnerships in our line of work. More importantly, it was a joyous reminder of the resilience of our community, especially after a challenging year.

Whether we’re at a baseball game or at an iconic venue like the Gaylord National, these events provide us with an opportunity to unwind, connect, and appreciate the network of professionals we’re part of. This time, we relished the spectacular ambiance at the Gaylord National, where relationships were nurtured, memories were created, and commitments were renewed.

DC’s Dirty Little Secret event, now in its 8th or 9th year, has become an eagerly anticipated tradition, a testament to the bonds we’ve built. Seeing familiar faces, meeting new ones, and witnessing the support from our client base – who are more than just clients, but true friends – is a testament to the power of relationships in our industry.

Their support, presence, and energy reminded me why I love what I do. It is the relationships we cultivate, the trust we build, and the reliability we offer that make us successful. It’s not just about choosing a venue or negotiating a contract – it’s about understanding the unique needs of our clients and providing conscientious and reliable service that meets those needs.

As we look forward to more DC’s Dirty Little Secret events, remember – whether you are a seasoned meeting planner or just starting in this exciting industry, relationships do matter. They are the foundation of our work and the secret to our success.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next DC’s Dirty Little Secret event!