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Benefits of Meeting Management Consultants

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  • Rate savings

    The benefits include negotiation of the best rates available due to my knowledge of the hospitality industry and the number of meetings and conferences I set.

  • Reduced hotel liability for your business

    I carefully review every hotel contract in order to revise any provision that may be ambiguous or biased toward the hotel thus exposing your company to undue damages.

  • No limits

    In order to feel good about calling myself a meeting planner, I will search any area of the country and beyond to find the best hotel for your meeting or event.

  • Increased productivity

    Using my services reduces your workload in planning your program while still allowing you full control in placing your meetings or conferences.  You now have more time to concentrate on the content of your meetings, along with the peace of mind, knowing you will get the information you need in a timely manner.

  • No out of pocket cost

    Benefits of working with me extend far and wide, but my biggest benefit is that my meeting and event planning services are complimentary to you; I am paid a placement fee by hotels chosen, so your rates are not inflated by this fee.

  • No commitment

    There are no contracts or agreements for you to sign. My assistance in meeting and event planning is in good faith and you can discontinue at any point.

  • No retainers

    I do not collect retainers from hotels, which ensures that my research is thorough and complete. I find the right facility for you and your meetings – not me!

  • Time savings

    As a seasoned meeting planner, I will search any market, or multiple cities, to find and return the results in approximately 2-3 days; this eliminates the time consuming calls, e-mails and mailers resulting from calling hotels directly. If the city or dates change, I conduct a new search for your meeting or conference.

Ready to activate my meeting planning expertise? I provide assistance on all scales – from simple requests like a listing of hotels to up-to-the-minute information about full service event management.