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Why Send Out Your Hotel RFP’s Through Me?

  • I’M FAST…Why wait 2-3 weeks to get hotel and city availability back from multiple CVB’s or hotel reps when I can get it for you in 2-3 days? HPN Global gathers hotel availability faster and more efficiently than anyone in the business!

  • ELIMINATE UNWANTED EMAILS & PHONE CALLS…I send out your RFP confidentially to the hotels without your name, phone number and email address so imagine how many emails, voicemails you can eliminate! Once you choose a suitable hotel from our easy to read HPN AVAILABILITY REPORT I will put you in touch with that one and only sales person you want to talk to. I will help you become proactive, not reactive to your hotel RFP process.

  • BUYING POWER…Based on the significant amount of meetings that HPN Global places each month, I can use our buying power to get you the best hotel group rates, concessions and I will even find new revenue sources for you.

  • NO CONTRACTS TO SIGN WITH ME…There are no contracts for you to sign with HPN Global. I am not on retainer so I find the hotel that is best for you, not for me and we work with every hotel in every city in every country. My assistance and consultation is in good faith and you can discontinue using me at any point.

  • MY HOTEL CONSULTATION SERVICES ARE FREE…Hotels compensate me with a Placement Fee so there is no cost to you for my site searches in one city or multiple cities. I’m a true and trustworthy extension of you and your staff with over 20 years of hotel experience. There’s a reason I’m called “A Meeting Planner’s Best Friend”!

  • WE SEARCH INTERNATIONAL HOTELS ALSO…So you’ve been handed an International meeting and you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I do! HPN Global is the World’s most global site selection service provider and we have hotel experts located all over the World to give you the recommendations that you’re looking for.

  • RELATIONSHIPS MATTER…I know that relationships with National Sales Representatives and CVB’s are important to some of you and you don’t want to jeopardize that or lose out on your perks. I agree wholeheartedly because relationships drive the hotel business, which is why I will communicate your RFP to everyone that you would like me to when it is sent out.

  • PROFESSIONAL HOTEL CONSULTATION…I have over 20 years of hotel experience and have approved thousands of hotel contracts and I’M HERE TO HELP! I will review every hotel contract to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible and that your contractual liability is as limited as possible. I will even help develop a Master Hotel Contract for your organization!
  • WE’RE A ONE-STOP SHOP…In addition to hotel site selection and contract negotiation, our HPN Global Meeting Services Team offers full meeting management such as; transportation, registration, mobile meeting applications and on-site management if needed.